Things to remember before purchasing the remote ceiling fans

Ceiling fan keep the house cool and is very useful during summers. However, what most of us ignore is installing exhaust fans in bathroom. Installing fan in the bathroom is also very essential as it provides good air circulation and prevents moisture accumulation which later on forms mould, mildew, termites on the bathroom walls, tiles and floor.

However if you are looking for remote ceiling fans then you should remember the following points before purchasing it.

  1. The style and the color of the fan matters. There are various fans available in the market of different styles and designs. You should select the one that goes well with your house interior.
  2. Choose the remote ceiling fan that offer value for money.
  3. Last but not the least, choose a well reputed company that provides remote ceiling fans.

There are few companies which offer an entire range of ceiling machinery & equipment like ceiling fans, ceiling lights, etc. For more information and details log on to

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Top 5 Benefits of Stainless Steel Fans

With home owners giving a keen importance and attention to the outdoor spaces and making it an extension of their living space, demand for external ceiling fans are increasing. Plethora of outdoor fan makes and models available in the market make the customer’s head spin. Click here to view a range of external ceiling fans designed to meet any outdoor application.

Damp rated and wet rated outdoor fans that are designed to stand up against the harshest climatic conditions and external elements prove worthy over long run. However, to reap such benefits, you have to choose the right fan that are of highest manufacturing and quality standards, just like the ones you find at Martec, a reliable company that specialises in the design and supply of ceiling fans.

Among the varied array of options stainless steel fans are a popular pick. Hop over to this website to browse a great selection of outdoor fans. Have you thought why it has become a preferred option among the house owners? Read on the following points to discover the reasons.

  1. Fans with a stainless steel finish will impart style to any modern decor and outdoor areas.
  2. Corrosion resistant body and durable material finish will ensure a lasting appeal
  3. Easy to install and maintain
  4. Stainless steel fans deliver remarkable performance through higher air movement
  5. Provides excellent value for your money

If you have been after a top quality outdoor fan available in sleek designs, stainless steel fan is your perfect pick.

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3 Tips To Buy A Ceiling Fan For Your Space

If you reside in humid areas such as deserts, where even in springs you feel like summer and all the daylong you have been wiping sweat from your forehead. Then there is something one must have, a ceiling fan.

Whether you have one or you are looking for a new one, the choices may differ from person to person. Martec, one of the well-known companies where you can avail numerous range of ceiling fan with light and remote control.

Here I would like to throw some light on basics of buying ceiling fans for your home.

  • Firstly, decide a budget. There are number of options available in the market it’s the buyer who needs to choose the product and its price. For instance if you go low pricing then you can expect a simple looking traditional fan that are ideal for home apartments.
  • Secondly, where you want to place it, what’s your location whether it is a porch, dining hall or a kitchen area. Most of us choose similar options but it’s not so different areas have different requirements. For e.g. bathroom ceiling exhaust fans for washrooms.
  • Lastly, how big it is in size? Ceiling fans are not one – sized they vary from height to width. Choosing the right fan according to the height of your room. In addition, you should allow at least 8- 10 inches distance between the fan blades and the ceiling.

To Sum Up,

These were some of the basic tips for buying an appropriate ceiling fan. Visit: to know more.


Three of the Most Common Faqs Related To Ceiling Fans

How much does it cost? How long will it last for? Is there any guarantee or warrantee period available? These are some of the familiar questions which we naturally tend to ask when purchasing various products and this includes ceiling fans as well.

Modern Fans

Let us go through some of the frequently asked questions, which you need to know while purchasing modern fans for your ceiling. Go through them to get a better perspective:

  • Does the size of the fan matter: Yes, the size of the ceiling fan does matter if you want to avail maximum benefit that is. For a large room, you definitely need to opt for large ceiling fans with wide blade span. Similarly, for smaller rooms, you need to settle for something with a small size.
  • Does the fan lower the temperature: A ceiling fan actually does not lower the temperature of a room. It simply creates a cooling effect by speeding up the process of evaporation and thereby making the occupants feel cooler. This means that when you use them with your air conditioners, you can save your energy bills to a great extent.
  • What about the warranty policies: When you are investing in any product, you obviously want it to last for long term. This is true for the fans as well. However, the warranty period totally depends on the brands. Contact your dealer or supplier for more details relevant to the same.

To Sum Up

These are some of the many FAQs out there, which help you take an informed decision. Visit – to know more.

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How to Buy the Best External Ceiling Fans?

If you have been thinking about installing a ceiling fan in your out-of-doors for enhancing your living space, it is important to purchase the one that is specifically designed for outdoor purposes. Thinking about buying any indoor stainless steel fans and installing it to your porch or patio will either go faulty or cause any short circuit problems.

External ceiling fans, different from the indoors one are designed to stand up against the moisture and humidity factors. Wiring that are of highest grade and resistance offer an extra shielding which prevents of chances of any water contact with the working motor inside the electrical equipment. So before you head out to the local store or start browsing online at Martec for outdoor fans, better educate yourself on some basic buying tips.

Outdoor fans are mainly categorised into wet rated and dump rated. Let us check out how they differ.

  • As the name implies, wet rated fans can be used in the areas that are exposed to rain, wind or snow. Since these appliances are manufactured to resist all sorts of weather conditions, it makes a right addition to patios or similar uncovered areas.
  • On the contrary, the damp rated can’t be directly exposed the climatic factors like rain or snow. However, they can still work in the spaces where humidity levels are extremely higher. You can go for this fan style for damp locations like covered outdoor porches, indoor swimming pool and even in highly humid indoor areas including laundry room and bathrooms.

You can find a variety of styles, designs and features available with the outdoor fans just as their traditional indoor counterparts. All you have to do is choose a reliable supplier and make a right pick.


4 benefits of installing ceiling fans in your home this summer

Summer is here and this is the ideal season to invest in some fans for home. Now you may ask that why should I opt for fans when purchasing an air conditioner is a much feasible option? Get the answer to your doubts by looking at the following pointers, which elucidate the benefits of ceiling fans. Go through them to get a better idea:

  • They regulate the temperature in your home no matter what the season is. Even if you do have air conditioners in your home, large ceiling fans purchased from leading suppliers will help run them even more efficiently. This in turn will help you cut down on your electricity.
  • When you install them over your dining table and run them, they will help you cool down various food items easily. For instance, think of piping hot soup that can burn your mouth getting cooled to the temperature you want with the fans. This way you can enjoy your meal perfectly.
  • Ceiling fans are eco-friendly. Since there is no emission whatsoever from these fans, you get to reduce your Carbon Footprints. Click here to check some of the eco-friendly fans that you can install in your home.
  • Retractable ceiling fan and similar other models of these fans have an impressive look and add to the aesthetics of your interiors. You can mix and match them with your rooms for fabulous interiors.

So, these are some of the ways you can derive immense benefits by installing ceiling fans of your choice in your home. Keep a tab on some of the best ceiling fan companies in Australia like MARTEC to get your hands on products of your choice.


3 Main Factors to Look For While Buying Modern Fans

When it is about selecting a cost effective alternative for air conditioning units, fans will be the best bet. These electronic appliances have been a part of our residential, commercial and industrial spaces from remote ages. Designer and modern fans with latest technological features and aesthetically appealing elements can cater to the decorative and functional aspects of a space.

Nowadays customers are spoiled with choices of fans of different sizes, shapes and styles. Have a peek at this website to discover an extensive range of modern fans at competitive prices. So here are some main factors that you need to look for while buying a fan for your living or working space.

  1. Which type of fan you need for the room? Wall, tower, pedestal, ceiling and many more types of fans are available in the market from which you have to choose one. Fan type you buy should blend with the remaining decor and room theme seamlessly.
  2. Consider the space limit of your room. You don’t need a fan that will be either too big or too small for a particular room, right? Check for the size and number of blades as it plays a significant part in the cooling and air circulation process.
  3. Decide on the ceiling height. Where you want to mount the fans? This holds especially important for ceiling exhaust fans. Seek assistance from the reputed stores selling such products online.  You may pick and choose from flushmount, downrod mount and angle mount style.

Above all, invest in energy efficient models and makes of fans, as it will help you save on utility bills. You are making an investment for long term, so spend your money wisely. You can check over the range of Martec’s modern fans that are not only energy efficient, but also an elegant addition to any space.

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